"SmartBamboo" Project

Development of a chain of production and valorization of Bamboo and its co-products for the benefit of the State of Cross River in Nigeria



What is the Project ?

The SmartBamboo Project is a FASEP project (n°1177, donation from the Public Treasury) which finances services for the benefit of public services. A FASEP project must be a demonstrator of green and innovative solutions. Both a renewable material and a carbon sink, bamboo is really “green gold” that Africa can use for the benefit of populations in order to promote their development and to offer the rest of the world sustainable alternatives in processed wood products, cement, concrete, steel, plastic, fiberglass or even carbon fibers in composite materials.


Racines de France, with the help of its French and Nigerian partners, wants to make the cultivation of bamboo in the State of Cross River a significant path of progress for the sustainable development of the area while offering answers to the needs of the decarbonization of new construction and of light aerial and nautical mobility. By promoting bamboo grown in areas where its presence is endemic, SmartBamboo partners will work to develop low-carbon solutions such as “Smart Bamboo Housing”, an innovative Eco Constructive module solution that ranges from small furniture for schools and hospitals to long fibers for the production of biocomposite materials. These activities are made possible following the deployment of a nursery and the agroforestry management of the territory in order to guarantee plural spaces rich in biodiversity and human activities.

Creation of a nursery to revegetate the territory

  • Selection & Production of healthy plants
  • Diverse species for the benefit of local populations
  • Reindustrialization of agro-industrial sectors and revegetation
  • Innovation – Demonstration – Training

Quality and new technologies

  • Unique knowledge and know-how
  • At the forefront of new technologies
  • Quality and excellence guaranteed
  • A rapidly evolving sector
  • A multitude of outlets

Safeguarding Biodiversity through Agroforestry

  • Ethnobotanical view, saving and recomposing endemic richness
  • Bamboo agroforestry (40% of the surface) and associations with species adapted to climate change
  • Improvement of the plant and animal biodiversity of the territories
  • Fight against erosion, restoration of soil fertility, maintenance of biodiversity

Developing sectors

  • Construction
  • Small furniture for schools and hospitals
  • Human Food thanks to bamboo co-culture developed
  • Innovative materials / Substitution for plastic
  • Cosmetics, Pharmacy (Extraction of biomolecules)

Environmental contribution and monitoring

  • Fight against global warming
  • Zero deforestation: Reliable and recognized tools and indicators (HEV)
  • Restoration of the water cycle
  • Maintenance of territories
  • Quantification of carbon capture and revegetation

Large-scale partnerships

AIRBUS_RacinesDeFranceMonitoring of cultivated areas by satellite imagery to ensure crop monitoring. API to feed the culture model, geostatistics. Highlighting the proven or unproven effectiveness of a project.


Probably the greatest experts in the world when it comes to bamboo nurseries. We are happy and proud to be able to rely on their support for the development of SmartBamboo.


Our Nigerian investor partners providing a national dimension and expertise to the project.

Smart-Bamboo contributes intensively to the objectives of sustainable development


An example of the single health concept

Racines de France is part of a unique health approach: taking into account the interdependencies between the state of health of the different type of life (from ecosystems to humans).

Project monitoring club


Project news: 1st multipartners mission between February 12 and 25 2022

Behind the scenes, work has already started for Yann Fortunato and Estelle Mougeot.
Meeting in the field and visit of the production site with Ntufam Okon Iwuna and Yémi Sowande (Commissioner for agricultural and natural resources)
Interview with His Excellency Ayade, His Excellency Lalong and the Cross River State Parliament team, Sonia Darracq and Jérome Pasquier (French Embassy)
More news to come… !

Visite_avec_equipe_Parlement de Cross River State
Visite_avec_equipe_Parlement de Cross River State