Socio-economic impacts of Racines de France

Racines de France brings together high technology, expertise and know-how to contribute to inclusive, sustainable and durable agriculture and forestry in the world.

Socio-economic impacts of Racines de France

By improving knowledge of the living world and by returning to the rightful place of the tree, Racines de France fights against global warming, soil erosion and the loss of biodiversity for the benefit of unique health and the creation of shared value.


Job creation

  • Afforestation – maintenance – harvesting
  • Nurseries (research/exploitation)
  • Re-industrialisation (sawmills and secondary wood processing)
  • Innovation – Research – Training

Raw materials

  • Wood industry
  • Wood energy
  • Packaging wood
  • Lumber
  • Wood for construction
  • Wood for the chemical industry

Forestry adaptations

  • Nurseries in relation with research organisations
  • Research into species adapted to global warming
  • Improvement of plant and animal biodiversity in the forest.

Wood chemistry

  • Plastic substitution
  • Cosmetics
  • Extraction of new biomolecules
  • Pharmaceuticals


  • Alternative medicine
  • Fight against chronic diseases (diabetes, overweight, asthma, heart disease, etc.)
  • Pedagogy
  • Reconnection of man to his environment

Environmental contribution

  • Fight against global warming

  • Improvement of water quality

  • Restoration of the water cycle

  • Improvement of air quality

  • Land maintenance

  • Carbon capture

  • Human, plant and animal health (One health)


Introduction and development of beekeeping in forests

In a preserved and biodiverse environment with melliferous forest and shrub species for honey production.

Photographies ©Bertrand Delcourt