Racines de France

For an inclusive, sustainable and durable agriculture and forestry in the world

Meaning, commitment and performance

In order to support, develop and promote its values, Racines de France has naturally evolved into a Company with Mission status (SAM). A strong commitment that aims to pursue several social, societal and environmental objectives in the context of its activities.
These objectives are essential, they are at the heart of Racines de France and its project.

An observation

Trees have an essential place for life on earth. They are essential in forests that are respected and well maintained, and as essential to complement agriculture or agroforestry, as in the cities of the future which must be revegetated. Their benefits are multiple in relation with human needs – production of an ecological material – maintenance of territory – initiation of the water cycle and soil filtration – carbon capture – creation of biodiversity – improvement of air quality and the fight against global warming.


However, the forest is a heritage that has been largely degraded by human activities and global warming throughout the world. Without a fair return to the place of trees, forests and their high consideration in all our activities and decisions, we are certain to continue to see our environment and our health deteriorate.​

Our profession


Carrying out planting projects

Reforestation and multiplication of forest plants and seedlings adapted to local environmental constraints.


Develop industrial sectors

For the valorisation of biomass.

Promoting environmental awareness

The manufacture and use of alternative products to less polluting industrial processes.

Our achievements

In France

Creation of an agroforestry area for the production of food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

In Benin

Construction of an innovative nursery for cashew tree cultivation in relation to the new agricultural policy of the Beninese state and valorisation of co-products.

In Nigeria

Demonstrator of a bamboo cultivation area for the production of building elements for housing or composite materials for industry.

Our process


Project identification and detection


Design and partnerships


Financial engineering


Promoting environmental awareness

Our deep roots

At the head of Racines de France are three enthusiasts who have success to combine a taste for innovation with a love of the land.

Yann Fortunato

Yann Fortunato

A passionate expert

Forestry and agroforestry expert, wood energy industrialist, Yann Fortunato manages a group that acquires forest estates in France and around the world.

Philippe Nérin

Philippe Nérin

Innovation accelerator

Philippe Nérin is an innovation expert who has been working for 30 years in national and international companies.

Estelle Mougeot

Estelle Mougeot

International projects director

With 23 years of experience, Estelle has three skills acquired in France and internationally for the benefit of the sustainable and inclusive development of agricultural and agri-food value chains.

" When it comes to the future, it is not a matter of foreseeing it but of making it possible "

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry